PheroStrong pheromone King for Men
perfume with pheromones for men to excite women
PheroStrong pheromone King for Men
perfume with pheromones for men to excite women
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50 ml
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Fragrance notes of King with PheroStrong Men

Top note: tangerine, apple, cinnamon, sage
Heart note: patchouli, rosemary, lavender
Base note: sandalwood, olive

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We all want to:
  • Incite the desire of the opposite sex, attract gazes, increase your sex appeal
  • Be a passionate lover, cultivate the magic of desire, satisfy our desires and indulge your sexual fantasy
  • Make a positive and memorable first impression, be the center of attention
  • Inspire confidence, as well as openness and friendliness of people you meet
  • Be professionally successful and increase the effectiveness of work, get promoted
  • Be respected and appreciated, be an authority figure
  • Be a happy, loved and fulfilled person - become a MAN OF SUCCESS!
Fragrance note
Top note
tangerine, apple, cinnamon, sage
Heart note
patchouli, rosemary, lavender
Base note
sandalwood, olive
PheroStrong pheromone King for Men embodies the story of a determined man who can listen to his inner self. Amidst the vibrant nature, he finds respite from urban life.
  • intense, woody-aromatic fragrance
  • perfect for an effortlessly stylish man
  • ideal for daytime wear
At first you will smell the aroma of sage, cinnamon, juicy apples and tangerines. After a short while, a strong, masculine heart becomes perceptible, teeming with accords of rosemary, intoxicating lavender and patchouli. The base note is dominated by sandalwood and olive tree, giving the composition an appealing charm and emphasizing your charisma.

PheroStrong pheromone King for Men is the perfect embodiment of a man who, despite his successes, stands firmly on the ground and finds the greatest peace on the shores of the untamed ocean.
Pheromones and our sex lives
Pheromones and our professional lives
Pheromones and our everyday lives
Pherostrong Ambassadors- Recommend!
Adam Radziszewski, Wojtek Gola, Adrianna Gotowicka, Ewelona, Zusje, Julia Madaj, Oliwia Wojtala, Dagmara Szewczyk.

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Wojtek Gola recommends
Always elegant and well-groomed luxury car enthusiast, well-known youtuber and infulencer. 

One of the FAME MMA owners.

He became popular with the program Warsaw Shore.
Top Girls fell in love with PheroStrong?
The chemistry of love released with PheroStrong fragrance, begins a sensual journey into the depths of our subconsciousness. 

They sing „I am in love with you, the whole world spins.... I am in love with you. What have you done that I can no longer be alone?” 
50 ml
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